IV&V Testing and Activities

BTC Technologies performs IV&V to help organizations find discrepancies in the product quality and specifications aiding product developers to build products that meet all the user requirements. Our IV&V also ensures that developers are adhering to regulations and budgets. We approach IV&V as follows:

  • We familiarize ourselves with the client’s project processes, products, and environment variables
  • We develop IV&V Management Plan that identifies the scope, depth, schedule, and resource requirements of the IV&V effort, which includes the:
    • Project processes and products to be included as part of the IV&V activities
    • Performance metrics which allow for the measurement and tracking of project progress against defined deliverables and milestones as they relate to the IV&V items being assessed
  • Perform periodic reviews of, and brief stakeholders on, the progress of IV&V efforts
  • Evaluate and implement corrective actions based upon IV&V findings/recommendations
  • Develop and obtain acceptance from the project sponsor, and other appropriate stakeholders, of an IV&V Management Plan for the IV&V project effort
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of project efforts
  • Review and make recommendations related to policy and processes in areas such as:
    • Project management
    • Product development
    • Project and product policies and standards
    • Project and product quality assurance
    • Project and product risk management
    • Project and product configuration management
    • Project and product requirements
    • Project and product security and capacity
  • Review and make recommendations related to producing deliverables in areas such as:
    • System engineering assessment of requirements analysis, specification, and interface control
    • Operating environment assessment of system hardware and software
    • Data management assessment of data conversion, software, and database design
    • Development environment assessment of hardware and software used for development
    • Software architecture assessment of design specifications
    • Code and testing assessment of product code, unit test, integration test, system test, acceptance test, pilot test
  • Analyze past project performance as an input into identifying and making recommendations as well as providing input into lessons learned for the project
  • Provide assessment reports related to both the management and technical aspects of the project as they relate to the above bulleted items
  • Provide a final IV&V report summarizing all assessment reports and recommendations prior to concluding IV&V activities
  • Evaluate operations and maintenance procedures and any ongoing changes

Our Delivery Process

BTC Technologies employs either the Client Site Delivery Model or the Turnkey Delivery Model to provide its services.

Client Site Delivery Model

Under the Client Site Delivery Model, BTC Technologies deploys its team of software professionals on the client’s site, to work in concert with the client’s development team for the entire project life cycle beginning from requirements gathering to requirements mockups to implementation, maintenance and support. We use the Client Site Delivery Model under the following circumstances:

  • Repetitive and Open-ended project scope, such as process re-engineering related services
  • The client is not very sure yet about the desired end results of the system
  • There is a possibility of requirements flux during the course of the project
  • Direct and continuous client participation and interaction is desired
  • The client wants to upgrade an existing legacy system and migrate to new technologies
  • The client is able to accommodate our onsite team
  • The project concerned is a highly confidential task and discretion has to be maintained

Turnkey Delivery Model

With our Turnkey Delivery Model, BTC Technologies deploys its team of software professionals using its own test facility site and its DDTR test cycle process, to provide a true Independent verification and validation of the client’s system, working with the client’s development team for the entire project life cycle beginning from requirements gathering to requirements mockups to implementation, deployment, maintenance and support.

Turnkey Delivery Model Under the DDTR (Discover, Develop, Test and Report) test cycle model,
the DISCOVER phase allows us to develop a comprehensive test plan that outlines the testing objectives, identify the functions to be tested and define the acceptance criteria, and test strategy.

In the DEVELOP phase, test cases are developed and validated.
During the TEST phase, the test cases that we created are executed, defects are documented and reported to the client’s developers.

In each of the above phases, the client’s input and feedback are provided and incorporated.

Finally, in the REPORT phase, we deliver an executive summary report of tests and defects as well as a detailed test report, which provides a complete understanding of the testing and its results.

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